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Made To Order Bijou Flower pieces are hand made with a selection of antique buttons, clasps, beads, lockets and trinkets to create unique one-off combinations.  Capture a moment of your memories with forgotten keepsakes, old beads & clasps or items from granny's button jar, to have something individual made personal to you.

Your sparkles can be re-designed and made into modern pieces as pins, earrings, necklaces or bracelets. My pin holds treasures that sat forlorn in my jewellery box... a purple flower from my hair-slide from when I was a little girl, a silver locket my best friend gave to me when I was 11 and a 100 year old antique button from my Grandmother.  

Send me your beads or buttons to create something new with your old memories. Alternatively, Bijou Flower will customise a piece especially for you or as a present for a friend with your desired colours and design.

Define your style details so that Bijou Flower can create something bespoke to complement your or a friend’s personality type. Bijou Flower will design an item to your requirements and email you an image and cost to ensure that you are happy. You are under no obligation to buy the piece, only if you like it!  Please allow up to 21 days for production and delivery.

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